“I hope you see more of yourself than you were ready for.” – Name Taken

I do not believe people like looking into themselves. It is a scary thing to look in the mirror, reflect on what we see, and accept who we are.

Last year, I ended a 3+ year relationship, and it was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. In addition, I ended a 10+ year friendship. I have had to put an end or let go of many relationships in my life, but these two were important to me. It took a few therapy sessions, and I have learned to let go, moved on, and feel like myself again.

I have spent the last few months thinking about my future plans, and selfishly thinking about what I want in and with my future partner. With this new perspective, I think about how I can challenge myself and keep growing. This is in all aspects of my life – work, personal, and social.

I met someone recently who reminded me writing things down makes you commit and complete your goals. I am going to apply that to my life this year. My dear friend Mandy gifted me a cute planner for Christmas, and it will be heavily used.

My main thought is this: Be ambitious and find the motivation to be more, do more. Do not become a complacent mind. Do not compromise or sacrifice what you believe in, or what feels right to make any type of relationship work. You become someone else.

Cheers to new challenges and adventures this 2016.



Update: 2.16.2016

I am revisiting this post and thought I should add my lists for 2016.


  1. Write at least once a month
  2. Read at least one book a month
  3. Learn to swim (I’m terrible at treading water)
  4. Learn to ride a motorcycle
  5. Learn to drive a manual/stick shift vehicle
  6. Learn to ski
  7. Learn Mandarin


  1. Japan
  2. Washington (Seattle)
  3. Texas (Dallas or Austin)

Written by Lisa Wong