2016 is going by quickly…

Good Things

My brother, Ed, proposed to his girlfriend, Aileen, last November on their annual Japan trip. She said, “FINALLY!” aka Yes. Our families and friends celebrated their engagement last month. My availability was very limited towards the end of 2015, and this was a great occasion to finally meet Aileen’s family. It was a sweet and loving celebration.

Ed & Aileen's Engagement Party

Ed and Aileen during her mother’s toast.

The other weekend my friend invited me on an adventure, which included wine, bike racing, and classic cars. Too much knowledge was imparted on me regarding all 3 topics.

If you have a chance, visit Hall Wines in St. Helena, CA. Apart from the fantastic wine, the estate, scenery, and art are beautiful.

Hall Wines, Napa

Hall Wines – St. Helena, CA

Little Bunny Foo Foo @ Hall Winery, Napa

Little Bunny Foo Foo @ Hall Wines – St. Helena, CA

I attended the Cherry Pie Criterium. Road bike racing is an intense cycle sport. It was interesting to watch the cyclists pack ride, break away, and see the tactics they use to reach the end of the race. Apparently, I need a cow bell for the next race I spectate.

Cherry Pie Crit, Napa Valley

Cherry Pie Criterium – Napa, CA

Because it’s funny… I stayed the night in a van. If you know me, this is not something I would typically do.

1987 VW Synchro

1987 VW Synchro

Jump to this weekend…

I just got back from Las Vegas, where Kendra and I celebrated Laree’s marriage. It was Laree’s first time, and a quick 2-night trip. We tried to do as much as possible, but we might be getting too old to party the night away.

  • Stayed at The Venetian (only the best for my dear friend)
  • Checked out Treasure Island, Caesar’s Palace, MGM Grand, Wynn, and Encore
  • Ate at Canaletto, Bacchanal Buffet, and Hakkasan
  • Zip lined across Fremont Street
  • Danced the night away at Surrender
SlotZilla Zip Line, Las Vegas

Zip Lined @ SlotZilla – Las Vegas, NV

Pre-Zip Line

Wynn feat. Laree, Las Vegas

Wynn – Las Vegas, NV

Flosstradamas, Surrender @ Encore, Las Vegas

Flosstradamus @ Surrender, Encore – Las Vegas, NV

The morning after

The Morning After @ The Venetian – Las Vegas, NV

Besides my adventures, I have been working on self-improvement. All of January, I purposely avoided the gym (too crowded after New Years). Most mornings to start my day, I do a 15-30 minute core or full body training. I like the SWORKIT applications – the workouts are perfect for my simple needs. I also am reading about 28 day fitness/nutritional regimens. I will likely try a routine soon and hopefully have a separate update about that experience.


Snapchat from 02/14/2016 – Working on my abs

Anyways, planning my next trip for the end of March. Where should I go next?




Written by Lisa Wong