And just like that… We are halfway through 2017. I somehow have managed to stay afloat this thing we call life.

Since my last entry, I have been traveling. Quite a bit. New York. London. Palm Springs. New York. I promise I’ll write about London and New York, which will include my favorite places, food, and recommendations. I’m going to skip to my recent holiday in Southern California while it’s fresh in my mind… and because I wish I was still there. Okay… Maybe not THIS particular weekend because it’s currently 116 degrees. x_x

Death. That’s how hot it was when I went to Splash House last August 2016, and I almost died. Anyways, onwards to the summer adventure…

I have the pleasure of knowing an ambitious and talented human being, B. White. One of his many hobbies is road cycling, and he aims to set KOM (king of the mountain) records on downhill descents via Strava, a run and cycling tracking mobile app.

Friday morning, I flew into Long Beach. Almost three hours later, we are looking up at Palomar Mountain (Peninsular Ranges) in San Diego County. After setting up his bike and a warm up to Palomar Observatory, he’s off down Palomar Mt/South Grade Road (7% grade).

Video: Bike Setup

His first effort: 19th overall down Palomar Mountain:

Before the next leg of our road trip through the range towards Palm Desert, we enjoyed some delicious tacos for lunch at Jilberto’s Taco Shop in Rincon. If you are ever in the area, I recommend their tacos!!

A little over two hours later, we are in Palm Springs, and wondering why the wind conditions are so terrible (20 mph). ? We made our way up the Aerial Tramway (9% grade). I felt like we were breaking the law because the sign at the gate stated no bikes permitted past the entrance. Oh well!

He attempted this segment 3x (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) over the course of the weekend:

Switching gears from KOM records to pool party fun: Splash House: Take 2!

You should have been there. Hopefully next year, right? It was awesome, and I wish we were still there. I love that my friends flew in from New York and drove in from San Francisco, Long Beach, and San Diego. The group gets bigger and better every year because we meet old and new friends

This June’s lineup was great. We saw artists/DJs like Fritz Carlton, Strange Club, Pat Lok, Cassian, Chris Malinchak, Hayden James, Kidnap Kid, The Knocks, Thomas Jack, Colour Vision, Colby J, Oliver, Classics, Lee Foss, On Planets, Saint Wknd, Poolside, Sam Feldt, Anna Lunoe, and Bonobo. One annoyance was the shuttle services between the now three resorts instead of two. Also, we were not to impressed with any of the balconies. The girls and I brainstormed what we would potentially do for next year. Between all of our creative and ops backgrounds, our balcony will be on point.

Photo Credit: Splash House

Favorite set: Anna Lunoe. All of the feels. ?

Photo Credit: Splash House

And before you know it, Monday morning came too quickly. See you next year, Palm Springs!

We head to Rancho Cucamonga. I admire his drive to get these KOMs, and I think his first attempts at Palomar Mountain and Tramway were impressive, despite road and weather conditions. So understandably, we had low expectations when we were driving up Mt. Baldy (8% grade), especially through the switchbacks section (a lot of sharp turns). But he never ceases to amaze me.
First effort: 1st overall down Mt. Baldy:
And the awesomeness did not stop there. We drove into Hollywood for lunch and to look at some beautiful modified vintage Rolex and Cartier watches. After, we met with one of his sportswear apparel sponsors. It was neat to hear their story, learn more about their business, how they are building their brand, get an understanding about how and why they do what they do, see their quality of work, as well as bounced around other non-business related ideas. I love being around such innovative and intelligent humans. ?

I know what you’re thinking it. It WAS a jam packed weekend. Returning to work was a challenge, and I am so thankful I had a low key Father’s Day weekend with my family and my sister-in-law’s family. I have spent most of it thinking about my plans for New York, and how they could potentially help with my goals and passions. I am still growing in my career, but I am also not allowing it to consume me – my happiness and mental health are important to me.

So what inspires you? What goals are you trying to accomplish? Where do you want to go next?


Written by Lisa Wong